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New case studies at Qual360 Europe 2023 – Why leaders talk about high-tech tools and customer centricity

In the run-up to Qual360 Europe 2023 we are asking our speakers about the topics they chose to present and their motivations for addressing these. Reflecting the Qual360 2023 themes around technology innovation, empathy and consumer centricity, our 2023 speakers demonstrate successful case studies from companies like Google, Tier Mobility, Moet Hennessey, PMI and Absolut.

New qualitative technologies
Brett Bridges, Tier Mobility
Brett Bridges, Tier Mobility

Brett Bridges, Director of Research and Insights for Tier not surprisingly is excited about the flood of new technologies entering the market research industry. The start-up describes itself as the leading provider of micro-mobility in Europe and is backed by investors like Softbank and former F1 World Champion Nico Rosberg. Bret is focusing on “always on qual” – meaning qualitative analysis supported by technology to provide continuous, automated results.

“While new tools largely deliver on promises to streamline analysis at a massive scale, there’s not enough talk about how to fully leverage their potential. It’s difficult. It’s easy to get people interested in the tools, but harder to get them – researchers and stakeholders – to habitually use them. I’m interested in more discussion on this and want to contribute with my journey (so far).” says Brett.

Not surprising, Google’s Leonida Zarri also emphasises the role of technology. As content and insight lead for AdSense he runs PubVoice, a quarterly report ensuring that all of Google’s product team hear their users voices. Dealing with dozens of thousand qualitative feedback per month needs a granular work in filtering all and only the most relevant information. If correctly executed it can lead to product efficiency, new features and a better experience and satisfaction for the users.

Customer centricity at Qual360 Europe 2023

Customer centricity is an ongoing topic for qualitative researchers and its importance is only growing. Understanding consumer behaviour is pivotal for companies like PMI and Moet Hennessey. Both have disrupted their traditional approach and have transformed their companies in different ways.

Going “smoke free” is a major transformation for Philip Morris International and for this successful transformation the company needs to understand drivers as well as barriers for users to change their habits. “The role of the qualitative has been instrumental to understand “what” our legal age nicotine users do but also “why” they do so. We have been working in a global set up across 4 continents and leveraged a lot of different methods to build empathy with the users to shape the business decisions.” say Anneleen Waterloos and Maria Maietta who jointly worked on this case study.

Emilia Simonin, Head of Global Market Intelligence at Moët Hennessy
Emilia Simonin, Moët Hennessy

Turning a luxury brand targeting High Net Wealth Individuals customer centric has been a major challenge for Emilia Simonin, Head of Global Market Intelligence at Moët Hennessy. Having spent seven years in the luxury group and lived through a major transformation towards customer centricity Emilia found data and insights a huge enabler of this new organisational culture. Particularly with a cohort that isn’t straightforward and easy to reach. Emilia’s motivation for picking topic are best explained in her own words:

“I thought that I may be able to assist other premium and luxury brands that are facing similar difficulties and share how we approach HNWIs. Furthermore, how we action these insights in our go-to-market strategy. I also find that this audience being extremely elusive and aspirational is fascinating. They don’t necessarily follow traditional patterns of cause and effect, so there is an entertainment factor as well for the audience!” Emilia Simonin, Moët Hennessy

Sofia Heuer, Director Global Consumer Insight & Impact at The Absolut Company will also reflect on her work with the company’s consumer councils. They serve a dual purpose, on one hand making consumers part of the brand strategy creation and on the other hand being a tool to bring consumer closeness to everybody in the company in a fun and engaging way.

So whether its going customer-centric with consumer brands or going high tech with digital innovators, you are guaranteed to hear exciting, first hand experiences at Qual360 Europe 2023. And of course this is not all. We have more case studies, thought leadership thinking and discussions waiting for you from companies including Logitech, Ericsson, Reckitt, Domino’s Pizza, Sky, Absolut, eBay, Deliveroo, Formula E and many more.

Grab your tickets at eu.qual360.com and kick of 2023 with us.

Qual360 Europe 2023

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