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A journey to understand the needs of disabled customers

Our in-person Qual360 Europe 2022 conference is back on April 5-6 in Berlin. As all our speakers are preparing their upcoming presentations, we are picking their brains on the latest trends and developments. This week, we spoke with Steve Hill, Consumer Insights Senior Manager at Jaguar Land Rover. Steve will share how to better understand the needs of disabled customers and most importantly, how that could affect the way we build future products and services. This topic will also cover how research for disability was conducted.

Qual360: Without giving too much away – what is the core message of your talk and what would you like delegates to remember?

Steve: If you’re not including disabilities when you’re designing your products and services then are you really committed to diversity and inclusion? Jaguar Land Rover, as part of their commitment to the Valuable 500 are embarking on a journey to understand the needs of disabled customers. In addition we want to know how that could affect the way we build future products and services. At Qual360 we will share our work so far which has been supported by Studio Exception. Study Exception is an innovative young insight and design agency that takes inspiration from those excluded from mainstream products and experiences to discover universal designs that benefit all.

Qual360: Why did you choose the topic of your talk?

Steve: We’re really enjoying the journey we’re on with Studio Exception. It’s too easy to exclude people with disabilities because the assumption is that it will make your product in some way “less” for those who don’t have that disability. Studio Exception look at things the other way round. In conclusion, if you design for the exception, then you make products that are better for everyone. This is such a refreshing way of looking at things and we are excited because we believe it really works. It really adds value to your products and experiences and really helps change the world.

Qual360: What motivates you to join QUAL360 2022 and what are your expectations?

Steve: It is always fascinating to see the new techniques and approaches being taken by other companies to qual research. It’s been four years since I last attended a Qual360 conference. I’m particularly intrigued to see whether the pandemic has brought any innovations to the industry through necessity and whether these are going to be here to stay.

Qual360: There is a lot of talk about the current state of consumer insights and the impact of technology. How would you sum up the current state of the industry in 1-2 sentences?

Steve: Many industries and sectors are going through radical transformation at the moment and market research is no different. However, technology I’m sure will bring challenges but also clear opportunities to do things differently and better.

Qual360: Thank you very much, Steve. We look forward to your presentation at Qual360 Europe!

Want to hear about the latest innovations, trends, and techniques in qualitative research? Join Steve Hill and speakers from Microsoft, Google, Philips, P&G, Adidas, Johnson & Johnson, RB and many more top-of-the-line companies at Qual360 Europe 2022.

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