Is qualitative research missing innovation?

To many, the term ‘qualitative research’ still conjures up images of groups of people sat around a table being watched by teams of researchers from behind a mirror. The market research industry is undergoing a period of immense change with the surge of new data sources and technology. On one hand people argue that qualitative research has become almost redundant and replaced by endless supply of information from big data; whilst others defend the usefulness of qualitative research today. Are researchers ensuring they stay ahead of the game when it comes to qualitative research?

At the upcoming Qual360 APAC conference on October 11-12 in Singapore, Coca-Cola’s Director of Marketing & Insights, Tyrone Almeida and Kellogg’s Associate Director of Planning & Insights, Reena Singh will discuss whether qualitative research has remained largely rooted in the past or whether the industry is in fact developing new markers.

The big question, according to our experts is whether the industry as a whole is being too ‘static’. How has understanding consumers remained a broadly similar exercise for the last 15-20 years, when consumers themselves have undergone change in context, their exposure to media and more? Tyrone and Reena will jointly explain how the industry can attempt to develop some ‘new’ markers and ‘commercialize’ them. They will also give practical advice for pragmatically developing these new markers by leaning on consumer labs, bridging the qual/quant divide and well as developing and using new technology.

Our panelists Subhadra Sethuraman, (Procter & Gamble); Derek Lee (Facebook) and Belinda Pang ( International Flavors & Fragrances) will then discuss how the marriage of quantitative research and qualitative research can be a powerful research approach. This is not a new idea. However, with ever shrinking research budgets and the need for fast-track timelines, qualitative research is sometimes sacrificed. They will discuss what leading researchers are actually doing on the ground today, including practical tools for creating a flexible hybrid methodology and useful technologies.

We think it’s the perfect thought leadership discussion for providers and users in any sector under 2017 theme of ‘The Rise of Big Qual – a celebration of opportunities’. Don’t forget to check our Qual360 APAC website for more information about this exciting event!

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